Astro Top-Box

We now have available a VENTURA top box to suit our Bike-Pack System. It is 32 litres in capacity and comes with a mounting plate and universal fitting kit. 

We have developed a special Top Box Rack that can be easily fitted to the existing Bike-Pack System.

The mounting plate that is supplied with the top box fits to this carrier. Four M6 Allen head bolts, spring washers and flat washers are supplied to secure the mounting plate to the Top Box Rack. A separate fitting kit is supplied with the Top Box for universal fitting to other racks.

Because of the way it is designed the rack can be fitted facing forward when riding solo or to the rear with a pillion

On this particular bike it suits having it facing forward. In this instance we would not recommend having it to the rear.  How it is mounted will depend on each individual bike.

Normally you would open the box from the rear as that is where the reflectors are. If you then turned the rack so it was facing forward it would necessitate turning the mounting plate on the rack. However there is no reason, other than personal preference, to which way it opens.

This system offers a huge amount of options and flexibility as to how the entire VENTURA Bike-Pack System can be used. From the Grab-Handle to Sport-Rack and Sport-Pack, to the Pack-Rack and any number of pack choices and now a hard top box. We are not aware of any other luggage system that offers such versatility.

 (Top-Box Rack and Astro Top-Box are sold seperatly)


Height - 305mm (12"),

Width - 420mm (16.5"),

Length - 400mm (15.75")