Fitment with Ventura L-Brackets.


Many soft luggage systems have straps that hang over seats, can slide down and get caught on exhausts or worse, in the rear wheel. The new soft Pannier System from Ventura elegantly makes those hassles a thing of the past.

The Soft Pannier System, like each Bike-Pack System, is custom designed to fit each specific motorcycle that the system is attached to. 

This new system features two large 24 litre bags that slide onto the specially designed racks and can be used to compliment in this case an existing Bike-Pack System. The panniers are quick to fit and feature a unique sleeve that ensures the luggage is held firmly in place. 

The system will work with our Bike-Pack system. If you do not already have a Bike-Pack System and just want a Pannier fitment jump over to the Pannier Support Section to get the fitting for your model. 

Price band D