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What is the Ventura Bike-Pack System?

The Ventura Bike-Pack System is motorcycle luggage system that features a rack, packs and model specific bracketry. View our page dedicated to explaining the system.

Do I need the L-Brackets?

Yes, EVERY bike needs the L-Brackets to mount the Ventura Racks.

How long will it take to install the Ventura Bike-Pack System on a bike?

The time varies for each bike as each L-Bracket is custom designed to fit each model. Standard installation takes anywhere from 15 – 90 minutes. This includes reading the instructions, removing any bodywork (if required), and doing any moderate adjustments. If you are having a problem with the installation, please call our office at 800-688-6439.

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Will the Bike-Pack System affect the handling of my bike?

The Ventura Bike-Pack System has been tested by independent journalists (on a race track) at speeds up to 180MPH (288KPH) with no effect on the handling. The journalist comment was, "I didn't even know it was there".

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What are the L-Brackets made of? What is the Finish?

L-Brackets and racks are made from a Mild Steel Tubing. All L-Brackets come in either a Satin Black Powder Coat Finish or are specified Polished Silver/Chrome Finish (most cruisers). If no color is noted in the description, it will be the default which is the Satin Black Powder Coat finish. Note: There are a few L-Brackets that are available in both Black and Chrome and this is noted in the fitment description.

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Can you order an L-Bracket for my earlier model bike?

Yes. Our fitment list features many bikes dating back to the late 70s. We don’t carry these in stock but are happy to produce them. Contact us for Special Order terms and conditions. Please note that some models may have tolerances or variations between world markets, thus we cannot always guarantee a perfect fit. We will advise of any known model differences upon inquiry.

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I can't find my motorcycle on your Fitment List. Is it available?

As Ventura items are fitted to bikes in New Zealand it is common that many of our fitments will have the European Model names. If you are unsure of the EU name, please give us a call and we’ll check for you. 

The system does not fit every model of motorcycle. In some cases, such as with the KTM 690 SMC, it is impossible to fit a system. If the model was a USA specific model then it is unlikely that we will have a fitment.

Further, some fitments are LightGuard only Fitments. These include the Aprilia Futura, BMW K1200LT, BMW R1200 RT/ST, Honda Pacific Coast, Honda GL1800 Goldwing and many others.

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Do you have any Package Bundles?

Yes. Check out the range of Kits on offer.

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Are all Racks (Pack Rack, Sport Rack & Grab Handle) Universal or are there different sizes?

The Ventura Pack/Sport Racks are not 100% universal. There are 10 sizes of Pack and Sport Racks and 5 sizes of Grab Handles. The Size of Rack depends on the motorcycle model. Check the Ventura Fitment Chart for Size specification! If you are buying or selling used Ventura L-Brackets, contact us and we can do the size check for you!

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Can the Bike-Pack System Pack Rack be used as a back rest for the passenger?

NO. Ventura Racks are intended for luggage only and not made to be used as a backrest or sissy bar. While some passengers enjoy the sense of security they offer, they are designed for luggage purposes only!

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What is the weight capacity of the Ventura Racks?

We recommended maximum weight capacity of 20 lbs for most Ventura Racks. Some racks may have a lower weight rating. Please contact us with your model and we’ll check for you!

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Can the Racks face either direction like the packs?

It may be physically possible for the rack to be turned around but we STRONGLY ADVISE against doing this. Reasons for this include stability, bodywork clearance and model accessories.

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I need replacement Locking Devices/Keys. Can I order more? They are not shown online.

Yes, contact us to order Locking Devices (LD001) and Locking Keyways (LK001). Locking Devices are $6.99 for Black and $7.99 for Silver, Locking Keyways are $1.69.

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What Racks do the bags mount on? The Pack-Rack or the Sport-Rack?

All the Large Ventura Packs (Aero Spada, Aero Delta, Mistral, Boa, and Euro Pack’s) use the Pack Rack to mount. The Sport Pack is the only bag intended for use with the Sport Rack.

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What Packs can zip together?

The Aero range of packs are able to ‘zip up’ to one another. You can have a Spada/Spada Combo, a Spada/Delta, or a Delta/Delta combo. Please note that the Aero IV, V, VI, and VII will all zip together in any combination of Spada or Delta.

The Ventus range of packs, the Mistral and Bora zip together. These packs features a new extremely water resistant zipper and can zip together in any combination of:

  • Mistral/Mistral
  • Bora/Bora
  • Mistral/Bora.

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What Pack would fit my Full Face Helmet?

The packs that we recommend for carrying one Full Face Helmet are the Aero Spada Pack, Euro Pack, or Mistral Pack.

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I don’t understand metric capacity, what are liter sizing in terms of US Gallons?

According to, 51 liters = 13.472 gallons [US, liquid] 45 liters = 11.887 gallons [US, liquid]. 35 liters = 9.246 gallons [US, liquid] 10 liters = 2.65 gallons [US, liquid].

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What are Ventura Packs made of? Are they Waterproof or Water Resistant?

Ventura Packs are made with Kodra Fabric, a heavy duty ballistic nylon material. They are lined with a laminated waterproof PVC backed material. With light to moderate precipitation, you should feel secure in the water resistance of the packs. However, with age and use, the water resistance may weaken. Where the material is pierced, for example along the seams, water can get in. For this reason we carry six sizes of Storm Cover for additional protection! You could also check out other fabric protectors, but check the warning labels for compatibility with fabrics.

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What Sizes do the Storm Covers come in?

Storm Covers come in sizes to fit each pack or pack combo. For example, sizes are: Aero Delta Single, Aero Spada Single, and Euro Pack Single.

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What material is the Storm Cover made from?

The material is known as Jet Cloth. It is what is referred to as waterproof to 1500mm. This means that it takes a head of water in excess of 1500mm (59") before water will ingress through it.

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What are Ventura Bike Stands?

Ventura Bike Stands are Front or Rear Wheel chocks that simply allow you to hold your bike upright without much fuss. Just simply roll in and get off! The Bike Stand has three sizes:

  • Sport/Road - BS006/C -For Tires 16”, 17”, 18” 110mm - 130mm wide; i.e.: 120/70-17, 130/70-18
  • Dual/Custom - BS007/C -For Tires 18”, 19”, 20”, & 21” 80mm - 100mm; i.e.: 90/90-21, 100/90-19
  • Rear Stand - BS008 -For rear tires 160 – 190mm ie: 180/55R17

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How do I choose the right Bike-Stand?

Check your Tire size. If you are unsure of the size, look at the sidewall of the tire, or check your owners’ manual.

How do I buy Ventura products?

Please see our Distributor page to find your local distributor. If your country is not listed please contact us.

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Have we missed your question?

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.