A heavy duty luggage system designed to meet the demands of serious adventure riders.

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What is the tough rack?

The Tough Rack is luggage rack system that fits on dual sport or adventure bikes to provide the extra luggage and gear that these riders may need to take.

The system is made up of a rear carrier and pannier frames made strong to handle the extreme conditions and loads dished up by Adventure tourers from around the world.

Note. You can use a rear carrier as a stand alone item or with the pannier frames but the pannier frames require the rear carrier. 

What luggage does it take?

The rear carrier will work with most of Ventura’s packs and the pack frame can be vertically or horizontally mounted.

However, the system has been designed to give you the freedom to choose what panniers, boxes or bags you might want to use. You are not restricted to using our packs with this system.

The system is tough enough to withstand having jerry-cans, fuel cans or other heavy items attached to it. Your needs and your imagination are the only limiting factors.

What packs do you recommend using?

On the rear carrier we suggest that you use:



Pannier Bags:


Check out video showing the tough rack fitted to a Suzuki DR650.  

Tough Rack Fitments